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Diet for health!

Food that heals & Food that kills

Find what foods may be beneficial and what foods may be detrimental to your health!

The main stream media is covering information- we are selling cancer. We are renaming diseases in order to create a different twist on an old disease. The legal system is creating diseases. Doctors are handing out all sorts of pills and not assessing the problems.

Exercise for health!

The most effective way to exercise

Learn how exercise is necessary and vital for optimal health!

Work your body for health-Exercise!

The body is built to be healthy BUT you have to give it what it needs! Proper nutrition, proper form while exercising and an optimized nervous system.

A vegetable based diet is a vital part of an optimized life! See Forks Over Knives and read The China Study.

The crazy fad exercises like CrossFit are dangerous! They use momentum to push yourself way beyond the normal range of motion of the joints which is asking for injury.

Learn a much safer and effective way to build muscle in this video.

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We at welcome you to our website! We hope this site helps you in your life in some small way. Our customers know that we have the finest organic foods in the area.greenhouse1

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